Experiencing my dream job 9/26/18

Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamt of working for a professional hockey team.

I grew up in Lakeville, Minnesota. A town of 60,000 that sits just south of Minneapolis-St.Paul inside the “State of Hockey”. Fitting for someone who has wanted to work with Hockey for her entire life! I never knew where my love of Hockey came from because I was not allowed to play it (Thanks Mom), but many of my friends did and I would go and watch their games, and whenever the Wild were on, you betcha you’d be finding me with my butt on the floor in front of the Television.

On December 11th, 2016, I finally had the amazing opportunity of job shadowing @DaneMizutani of the Pioneer Press during a Wild game!

It was by far the most exciting job shadow I have ever done. Not only was I getting to watch my favorite team play while I sat up in the press box, but I was even able to experience what it was like to do interviews down in the locker room after the game.


Check out the game recap and some photos below!


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